In the News: Benefits of Structured Family Caregiving

Today Caregiver Homes was featured in an article on the Senior Living blog run by A Place for Mom, a senior care referral service. 

Via A Place for Mom:

In Indiana, structured family caregiving “empowers caregivers to care for seniors and those with disabilities who wish to remain at home, or in the home of an approved caregiver, rather than become institutionalized into a nursing home,” explains the American Elder Care Research Organization’s Paying for Senior Care website.  In Indiana, Structured Family Care is not a standalone program – it’s a benefit associated with Indiana’s Aged and Disability Medicaid Waiver and the program is successfully providing seniors and their families with a cost saving alternative for senior care.


Indiana isn’t the only state using a structured family caregiving model. Although it’s branded differently from state to state, the concept has been successfully implemented in six states to date, including Connecticut, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Ohio and Rhode Island. According to Stephanie Bouchard, a contributor toHealthCare Finance, “in Massachusetts last year, Medicaid savings reached between $130 million and $140 million because of its structured family caregiving program.”

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