In the News: Rise of chat-driven health tech signals 'paradigm shift' for user interfaces

On Monday, Seniorlink's EVP and Chief Product Officer, George Kassabgi, was featured in MobiHealthNews. The article, "Rise of chat-driven health tech signals 'paradigm shift' for user interfaces" covers commentary on chatbot-based technologies being developed by several different companies, and quotes comments George made as moderator of the panel "AI Solutions for the Care You Need" at this year's Health 2.0 conference.

Via MobiHealthNews

“We’re in the middle of a new paradigm shift for interfaces,” he said during the session. “Rather than installing an app, filling out forms, working with menus, you’re simply typing or talking with a system. That’s a pronounced shift, a really meaningful change.”

AI has been deployed in a greater and greater number of use cases in digital healthcare, and according a recent analysis will see as much as a 40 percent annual growth rate between now and 2021. Interest in leveraging this technology to improve messaging and communications is increasingly growing, Kassabgi said, and well-designed conversational interfaces are poised to change the game."

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