In the News: Watson exec lays out 3 principles of AI: Purpose, transparency, skill

This week, Seniorlink's EVP and Chief Product Officer, George Kassabgi, was mentioned in Healthcare IT News. Focusing on AI's three principles, purpose, transparency and skills, the article explains why AI will not replace jobs in healthcare, but support humans in their healthcare roles. 

Via Healthcare IT News:

"The notion that AI might be more aptly named “augmented intelligence” because it will not replace human jobs in the short-term is becoming an increasingly common refrain in healthcare.

“This is not going to happen to nurses and care managers in our lifetime,” said George Kassabgi, chief product officer of Seniorlink. “You cannot take a machine and make a mechanical mind just by adding horsepower.”

Kassabgi added that because healthcare is so contextual neural networks or machine learning algorithms will become part of knowledge workers’ toolbox, as software has been for decades now."

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