Reflecting on a Milestone for Vela, and the Partners Who Made It Happen

Laura Gere is the Vice President, Client Services at Seniorlink, working on the Vela Care Collaboration Platform

This has been an exciting few weeks at Seniorlink. We have had the pleasure of launching a pilot program of our Vela platform, partnering with the Rhode Island Primary Care Physician’s Corporation (RIPCPC). The announcement of the pilot generated coverage in the Providence Journal and Providence Business News, among other outlets. At the same time we celebrated a redesign of the Vela website ( that reflects recent developments in our platform and brand.

The announcement marks a major milestone in the development of the technology platform we have been developing for over two years, and we can’t wait to see the results.

But it’s not just about our technology – you can’t have a partnership without a partner. And what a phenomenal one RIPCPC has been. Working with their nurses, patient advocates and pharmacists has been a true pleasure. The RIPCPC teams go above and beyond to support their patients as they wrestle with chronic conditions, meeting the patients where they are.

Too often in our industry, siloed conversations around care leave the patient only half cared for. RIPCPC’s focus on building integrated care teams to team up on the patient’s behalf, always including family caregivers, is a true differentiator in care delivery.

As we like to say around here, RIPCPC is the best partner ever – their team is completely committed to doing great work while having fun. I am so excited for their incredible care teams to leverage Vela to better support their patients. And I’m especially excited to innovate with RIPCPC on new ways to support and engage caregivers.