No more going it alone.

You go above and beyond to look after a loved one.


And we're here to support you.

Approximately 1 in 5 adult Americans
— that is 53 million people —
provide care to a family member or friend.

Source: AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC).

Caring for Those Who Care

Caring for Those Who Care

As a caregiver, you are committed to looking after a family member or friend. You have become the most important person in their life. And what you do for them each day is essential. It takes courage and a lot of heart. But it also takes a toll. That’s where Seniorlink & Caregiver Homes can make a difference. We know what you are going through. And we can help.

Real Support for Caregivers

Support starts with your care team. Real people who know your story — and know how to help.
Not just an automated system or recorded message.

Your caregiver coach is a guide. You can lean on them and learn from them. They can help you:

Real Support for Caregivers

Answer questions about your loved one’s needs

Get clinical guidance and find local resources

Advocate for your loved one with care providers

Cope with setbacks and challenges

Celebrate good days and little victories

Your coach listens when things get tough and lifts you up when you feel down. So every day, you become more comfortable and more confident.

Using the Best Tech to Connect

You will always have a direct link to your caregiver coach through Vela, our online app. It is easy to access, easy to use, and HIPAA secure. If you are comfortable using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you will be comfortable with Vela.
  • Use the chat feature to ask questions and share notes with your coach.
  • Access education resources stored in your Vela resource center.
  • Upload files and save important documents, like copies of insurance cards.
  • Connect anywhere and sign in on any device with internet access.
Vela App

Resources for Caregivers That Make a Difference

We offer a range of programs, support services, and resources for caregivers.
Learn how we can help you get the guidance you need.
Structured Family Caregiving

Structured Family Caregiving

With Comprehensive In-Home Visits
See how you might get paid and receive support to care for a Medicaid-eligible loved one.
Learn More
Caregiver Coaching

Caregiver Coaching

With Supportive Remote Guidance
Find out how health plans or state Medicaid programs provide support for caregivers.
Learn More

Partnering to Improve Outcomes

Everything we do is rooted in engaging, educating, and supporting family caregivers.
That’s why we partner with a variety of public and private organizations across the country — from federal and state agencies to health plans and hospitals to aging and disability-services organizations.
Together, we empower caregivers and champion the innovations that support their role.

Learn how Seniorlink & Caregiver Homes can help you improve health outcomes, reduce costly events, save time, and build the skills of our country’s caregivers.

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There are only four kinds of people in the world:
those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.
— Rosalynn Carter —
Writer, Activist, and Former First Lady of the United States

Connect to Caregivers Across the Country.

Every story is unique. You could be a daughter caring for an aging parent, a father caring for an adult child with a physical disability, or a friend caring for a best mate with Alzheimer’s. Whatever your journey, a common thread connects you: You’re all caregivers.

Together, we are Caregiver Nation — a private Facebook community that’s 7,000 members strong (and growing). It’s a place where caregivers just like you, along with family and friends, can come together to ask questions, get advice, and find support.

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Find Strength in Every Story

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Caregiving by the Numbers

of caregivers want information, education, and training
$470 Billion
total estimated value of unpaid caregiver services
of caregivers worry about whether to quit their jobs
23.7 Hours
average time spent tending to loved ones each week