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5 Quick Tips to Ward Off Allergies in the Midst of Spring

This article was written by Julie Ely, the Caregiver Homes Area Marketing Manager for Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts.

This time of year is not kind to people with allergies. With spring in full bloom, the revived plant life and newfound warmth brings along with it certain unpleasant particles. Pollen, mold, and other allergens collect and stick to your hair, clothes, and home, which can trigger sniffling, sneezing, itching, dry eyes and other bothersome symptoms. For caregivers and consumers, having to deal with allergies on top of other health concerns can create added stress and complications. Here are five quick tips to keep spring allergies at bay:

1. Use an air conditioner in your home. An air conditioner will help filter out any pollen or molds in the air that may be coming into your house.

2. Shower at night. Taking a shower and washing your hair in the evening, versus in the morning, helps get rid of any pollen you have accumulated during the day.

3. Don’t wear clothes you wore the day before. Pollen can easily stick to clothes, so make sure to pick out different clothes to wear every day and wash the ones previously worn.

4. Make sure your house is clean. Pollen, mold, and even other allergens, such as pet dander, are sure to make their way into your home at some point. Take extra care to clean and vacuum your carpets, furnishings, curtains, and beddings during the height of allergy season.

5. Be in contact with your doctor. Find out if you could benefit from adding an antihistamine to your medication regimen to reduce sneezing, sniffling or itching. If you have asthma triggered by allergies, make sure you are using the medication as prescribed with the right frequency.


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