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Seniorlink’s Commitment to Inclusion

 “It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.” – The Dalai Lama

The cruel and brutal death of George Floyd has brought long-standing racial injustice experienced by Black Americans to the forefront, sparking protests in more than 140 American cities as well as countries all over the world.  Seniorlink fully supports this call to action to end racial inequality.  As a company that believes deeply in the power of relationship as foundational to human progress, we support the need for systemic reforms aimed at achieving social justice for all.

Our very mission is to advocate for family caregivers — a workforce of 53 million individuals nationwide — who have long been overlooked, undervalued and ignored in our healthcare system.  For 20 years, it has been our honor to serve these families regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, political views or income level.  We have remained steadfast in our commitment to support these remarkable individuals with compassion, respect and understanding, ever evolving our business to meet their respective needs.

At Seniorlink, we are committed to pursuing purposeful and sustainable change and to listening carefully and caring deeply, not just for the families we serve, but for the partners we support and for our very own employees. 

We must take action.

Inclusion is a key component of our strategic plan, a plan that focuses our organization on the issue of social justice.  We intend to increase awareness of this issue through our work in the community and in our daily interactions with each other. We are committed to listening more intently, learning from one another and fulfilling our individual and organizational responsibilities to uncover and overcome injustice and to embrace a culture of diversity.

Seniorlink’s mission is focused on providing care and giving voice to our elders and individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and their caregivers.  We seek to empower and support them with compassion.   We intend to bring compassion to all we do and will reflect upon all aspects of our organization’s work to ensure that we are living our values, including our commitment to social justice. We can and we will do better.  And we will not rest until we have created communities where everyone feels safe, respected and valued.


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