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Supporting You During the COVID-19 Crisis


As we have all seen, the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve. At times, the news may even overwhelm our sense of security. All of us at Seniorlink sympathize with these feelings and join you in the hope that the world returns to normalcy very soon.

In the meantime, please know that everyone at Seniorlink is certain about our mission. Despite everything happening around the world, we will continue to honor and serve you, the family caregivers: the heroes that support family members across the U.S. Below are a few of the steps that we have taken to ensure that we continue to live up to this mission.

On March 17th, our staff of 545 full-and part-time employees began to work remotely and were immediately able to support the thousands of families that we currently serve across the U.S. Thanks to Vela, our HIPAA-secure communication and collaboration platform, we are now able to “visit” our families virtually, so they can remain safely at home. Vela was designed with caregivers in mind. Vela allows our care teams to connect with caregivers at the touch of a button, enabling our teams to personalize care to every family’s individual care needs.

During these Vela conversations, our care managers and coaches are supporting families with our proven CarePaths, our care protocols. We have found that in the short time since going remote, our families are accessing important and relevant topics like: COVID-19 Risk Management for Caregivers; Hand-washing & Coughing Etiquette; Quarantine and Isolation; Reducing the Spread of Illness in the Home; Staying Active at Home, and; Staying Positive When Times are Difficult.  Our Clinical Innovation team created these new CarePaths over the last few weeks as the virus began to expand around the globe.

Additionally, we are building a resource hub to further support caregivers. This hub will include content ranging from inspiring to informational – everything a caregiver may need to support caring for their loved one at home.

We are certain that you are doing your absolute best right now, and we recognize how much more challenging life has become. Seniorlink will continue to fulfill our promise to you that our care managers and coaches will bring you timely information and support.

Like you, we look forward to the day when this crisis will be behind us. Until that time we will continue our engagement with caregivers on a virtual basis. We are here for you and we thank you for being a family caregiver, especially at this time.



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