Caregiver Coaching

Give Care From Anywhere

Every day is different when you’re looking after your loved one’s health. You could be coordinating doctor’s appointments, picking up prescriptions, preparing meals, or helping with personal care. You’re on the phone, in the car, and on the go. You’re a caregiver, and staying on top of everything isn’t easy. Just remember: You don’t have to go it alone. Caregiver Coaching can help. 

See how we connect caregivers like you to guidance, education, and support. So you can look after your loved one with confidence — whether they live at home with you, right down the street, or across the country.

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Make Connections You Can Count On

We Partner with Health Plans. So You Have More Support.

Seniorlink & Caregiver Homes partners with private health plans to deliver a program called Caregiver Coaching. It’s a no-cost service that provides ongoing support and guidance to the caregivers of eligible members. 

The best part: You can reach out and check in for support anytime. Resources and tools are available when you need them. Whether you have questions every day or only need guidance every few weeks. With Caregiver Coaching, you’ll always have someone to lean on and learn from. So you can face new challenges and find the best solutions. 

Here’s how Caregiver Coaching can help you build confidence and breathe easier:

Personalized Coaching 
You’ll connect with a team of caregiver coaches. One will be your primary point of contact, while others can offer support for specific situations. For instance, maybe you’re caring for someone with dementia and need advice from a behavioral specialist. Or perhaps you’re dealing with wound care and need clinical guidance from a nurse. Whatever your question, we’ll provide answers.

Anytime Access
You’ll always have a direct link to resources and support through Vela, our easy-to-use and HIPAA-secure online tool. You can reach out on your schedule to chat, ask questions, and send messages. Vela also allows you to manage calendars, set medication reminders, and safely store digital documents, like discharge papers and insurance cards.

Ongoing Education 
Your coaching plan is built around you and your loved one’s unique needs. We share articles, videos, and audio files that are relevant to your situation. We teach you how to be an advocate and have conversations with doctors, pharmacists, and other care providers. All so you can build confidence and reduce stress.

Supportive Resources
Your coaches help identify local resources, like finding day programs, meals on wheels services, or respite care specialists. They can recommend tools, like symptom trackers and medication management apps. With this kind of guidance, you can create an informal support network that you can lean on.

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This program has been a huge benefit. I received a ton of useful resources, help and advice, and positive reinforcement. I am so grateful for this, especially during a pandemic.
— Caregiver in the program —

Explore Your Options

For Caregivers

Caregiver Coaching is offered by select health plans to eligible members and their caregivers. So the first step is to connect with your loved one’s plan provider. Ask about Caregiver Coaching and see if they offer the program. If they don’t, let them know you’re interested in receiving this kind of support. Because the care you provide is essential. And having extra help can make all the difference.

For Health Plans

Caregivers matter. They’re the backbone of America’s healthcare system, serving family members and friends with chronic conditions and complex needs. They need support now more than ever. Learn how Seniorlink & Caregiver Homes can help you, help them. Visit our Partner page for more information.