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FAQ's for families

What service does Seniorlink offer?

Seniorlink provides professional coaching, emotional and financial support for families caring for loved ones.

What does this program cost?

One of our programs is an alternative to nursing home care and is often referred to as "structured family caregiving." It is  covered by Medicaid, under certain waivers and is not a cost to the individual. Seniorlink serves Medicaid-eligible individuals and their families in select states, as well as members enrolled in Medicare Advantage, and their families, nationwide at no cost to participants. However, as a program participant, you may be paid a stipend to help offset living expenses while you focus on providing care.

How much is the stipend?

It varies. Caregivers of members enrolled in state Medicaid are paid according to each state’s individual program requirements and the complexity of care needed. Caregivers of Medicare Advantage enrollees are not paid a stipend.

Am I eligible for your program?

We work with government payers nationwide as well as Medicare Advantage providers. If the person you care for is enrolled in a state Medicaid provider, you may qualify. If your loved one is a Medicare Advantage member email You can always fill out our form (found at the top of this page), and one of our care coaches will get back to you to assess your eligibility.

Can I take care of more than one care recipient? If I do, will the stipend amount change?

For Medicaid members this varies by state. For Medicare Advantage members, please email

I’m not tech savvy. Will I be able to use your app?

Our care collaboration app, Vela, is very easy to use. It is a messaging platform designed so that you can easily share notes with our care managers or other caregivers in your network. If you are comfortable using a smartphone, tablet or computer, you will be comfortable using Vela.

“With Vela I feel it is much easier to take care of my mother-in-law and she feels more involved.” – Seniorlink family caregiver

How do I get access to Vela?

You must be enrolled in our program to use Vela. Once enrolled, you can download the app in the Apple app store or Google Play and look up “Vela for Caregivers” or visit to operate the app in a web browser.

I am enrolled in your program, but I am logged out of Vela and can’t get back in. It’s not taking my password. What do I do?

Use the “Reset Password” button and follow the prompts. If you continue to have issues, please call client support at 1-877-261-VELA (8352)

I was expecting payment that I don’t appear to have received, what should I do?

Please contact your Care Manager. A good way to do so is to use the chat feature in Vela.

FAQ's for potential partners

What is Seniorlink?
What is Vela?

Vela is our care collaboration app. We provide this app to family caregivers so they can communicate with their care teams, including Seniorlink care coaches and nurses. To learn more, go to


What do your coaches do?

Seniorlink care coaches are a designated support resource for family caregivers.  This typically means they will answer family caregiver questions around the health of their loved one, and provide advice on protocols and local support programs. Essentially, coaches are available to give you the help you need, when you need it.

Are you only supporting people who are 65+?

Seniorlink supports adults 65 and over and individuals with disabilities, as well as people who meet other eligibility requirements depending on state, program, and complexity of care needed.

Where are your programs available?

Seniorlink serves Medicaid-eligible individuals and their families in select states, as well as members enrolled in Medicare Advantage, and their families, nationwide.  

Medicaid-eligible families can access our services in these states:

  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Georgia
  • South Dakota
  • North Carolina

Medicare Advantage-eligible families can read about our pilot program with Humana here.


Could Seniorlink be a good partner for my business?

We work with state governments, private Medicare Advantage insurers, select employers, as well as a variety of other referral agencies and partners. We’re always looking for opportunities to provide care to larger populations. Please reach out if you’d like to know more.

Can I get a demo of Vela?

Please reach out to our team at