Congratulations to Teri Defilippo, the first winner of the "Thank You Caregiver Nation" contest!

After receiving over 1,200 submissions, Seniorlink is excited to announce the first winner of its “Thank You Caregiver Nation” contest—Teri Defilippo from Georgia! The large number of nominations is a testament to the significance of the task taken on by the 44 million1 caregivers across the nation.

“At Seniorlink, we are constantly inspired by the remarkable work caregivers do and are committed to providing them with the support they deserve,” said Tom Riley, CEO of Seniorlink, Inc. “This contest was born from the idea that caregivers deserve to be recognized for their commitment; we are moved by Teri’s story and by the 44 million caregivers in our nation like her.”

Congratulations to Teri, the first winner! She will receive a free month of meals from PeachDish, to help reduce the stress of food shopping and meal planning.

Teri became a caregiver in 2000, when she moved to Georgia to help her mother care for her sister with developmental disabilities, as well as her father, both of whom were diagnosed with cancer within one week of each other. Teri assumed this responsibility without hesitation, having experience in a caregiving role as she previously worked at a nursing home.

However, Teri’s journey as a caregiver did not stop there. Teri’s responsibilities have increased, as she continues to care for not only her sister, but also for her mother who developed Alzheimer’s disease.

To acknowledge Teri’s impressive devotion to her loved ones, Cheri nominated her for the contest. Cheri, who teaches Teri’s sister and other individuals with disabilities at a local Sunday school, nominated her for the contest to provide her with encouragement and to let her know that her hard work has been recognized in her community.

Teri said, “Looking back, I would never change my decision to become a caregiver for my family. It’s the least I can do to show my gratitude for the way my parents raised me—to show compassion and to care for those in need.”

Thank you to each caregiver that was nominated for the “Thank You Caregiver Nation” contest for the care and comfort you provide to loved ones. Throughout the rest of 2017, check our website to learn more about the rest of our contest winners.



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