Who Will Rescue Alzheimer's if Pharma Can't? Full Video and Recap From Digital Health Summit

Tom Riley, far left, discusses technology's role in the fight against Alzheimer's with Ted Fischer, Ageless Innovations - Joy for All, David Keene, Dthera Sciences,Carrie Shaw, Embodied Labs, moderator Richard Lui, NBC News

Earlier this month, Seniorlink CEO and President Tom Riley spoke on the panel, "Who Will Rescue Alzheimer's if Pharma Can't?" at the 10th annual Digital Health Summit (DHS) in Las Vegas. The panel brought together some of today's most successful technology innovators who are making massive impacts in the treatment and management of Alzheimer's disease to discuss the rise of technology in the fight against Alzheimer's where the pharma industry is falling short.

Panelists included Moderator Richard Lui, News Anchor, NBC News, Ted Fischer, CEO of Ageless Innovation - Joy for All, David Keene, CTO of Dthera Sciences and Carrie Shaw, M.S., CEO of Embodied Labs. 

Check out the video of the panel session below: