Will you #thankacaregiver with us?

Once again, the onset of cooler weather and preparations for the holiday season coincide with the reminder of what we are working for here at Seniorlink. It's November, National Family Caregivers Month. It's the time of year when, as a community of nearly 500 employees, we take a step back and remember why it is that we ensure family caregivers are at the center of the care programs, products and solutions we develop. Why we aren't just a care management company, or just a technology company, but a caregiving company, too. 

We're here for people like Vera, full-time caregiver for her mother with Alzheimer's. Two years ago, we began our celebrations of National Family Caregivers Month (NFCM) with a special visit to Vera's home, led by celebrity chef Tiffany Faison. It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Many more caregivers than just Vera felt the impact of NFCM through giveaways of meal delivery services over the course of the next 12 months. 

We're here for people like Bob, caregiver for his wife Pam. Last year, we visited Pam at her home where she read aloud a letter to her family, friends, and to the world: a plea, as she has early-onset Alzheimer's and doesn't want anyone to forget about Bob as he goes through what is sure to be a long and emotional journey as her caregiver. Over the next several months, we welcomed more than 3,000 new friends like Bob to a new online community of caregivers. Caregiver Nation thrives with discussion nearly every hour of the day, among caregivers from across the U.S. who trade advice, joke, vent, and commiserate. We'll be sharing more about this amazing community this month. 

We're here for the entire Caregiver Nation, all 44 million of them. This year, we are sharing the stories, artwork, and advice of caregivers everywhere, including here at Seniorlink. For the next 30 days, follow along at @SeniorlinkInc on Twitter as we share new stories every day, or at www.seniorlink.com/thankacaregiver. You can help spread the message by sharing your stories of gratitude with #thankacaregiver

To kick off the month, we're sharing a letter from our CEO, Tom Riley -- a caregiver himself as well as an advocate. It's addressed to Caregiver Nation. The message?  We See You. We admire you. We worry about you. And we thank you. Read it here, then join us and #thankacaregiver you know.