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AARP releases HR guide to digital tools for caregivers


Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH) and AARP recently released a technology guide for HR/Benefits Departments to explore potential tools companies can implement to better support working family caregivers. The guide features several tech companies, including Seniorlink’s HIPAA-secure platform, Vela.  Vela allows family caregivers and care teams to work together to better manage care for a member. Check out this incredible resource here.


“The 36-page guide includes a list of tools available, such as digital platforms that connect caregivers to other caregivers and those with similar diagnoses, medical management tools, and in-home patient monitoring tools. It also walks employers through the process of developing a digital tools program with sections that include:

  • Insights on the challenges caregivers face.
  • Examples of how digital tools can meet the needs of caregivers.
  • Advice on how to assess the value added to the organization.

“Digital tools are an important component of a forward-thinking benefits package that can significantly ease the burden on caregivers’ time and can help diminish the mental and emotional burdens – including loneliness and guilt,” said Mark Cunningham-Hill, NEBGH’s medical director.  “Employers should consider that the cost of these tools can be offset by increased employee engagement and retention, as well as lower absenteeism related to caregiving.”

The guide provides help with evaluating the different types of digital features that are most beneficial to employee-caregivers, a list of currently available tools and capabilities, and a checklist to help identify the best tools and services. The guide also offers advice on enrolling employees in a caregiving tools program and on sustaining employee engagement.”

To read the full-length study published by NEBGH and AARP, click here.

To read more about the study from AARP, click here.


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