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Care management tech drops hospitalizations and ER visits at Caregiver Homes

Seniorlink’s VOICE for Dementia Care pilot results were recently featured in Healthcare IT News. The pilot was launched in Seniorlink’s Caregiver Homes (home based care model) program in Indiana where nearly one-third of those served in the Caregiver Homes program have been diagnosed with dementia. The results showed a staggering 51 percent decrease in emergency department visits, an 18 percent decrease in hospitilizations and a 13 percent increase in caregiver confidence. 

Via Heathcare IT News:

“VOICE for Dementia Care is a technology-based care management system that provides professional coaching and advice for family caregivers, guided by tailored protocols and supported with a collaboration platform, Vela.

The Medicaid programs implemented the VOICE for Dementia Care pilot as a means to further enhance the impact they were already making and to address the specific challenges faced by caregivers of persons with dementia. Seniorlink now is making this technology available to health plans and providers, with pilot findings proving there is value in leveraging its Vela technology to connect family caregivers and existing care teams to a remote coach.

“The challenges posed by dementia meant those caregivers needed additional, dementia-specific support and coaching, beyond what is provided by existing care teams through Seniorlink’s program, who provide general caregiver support,” explained Jennifer Trowbridge, state director for Seniorlink’s Caregiver Homes Program in Indiana.

“We created VOICE for Dementia Care to meet that need, a program that connects family caregivers with a professional coach through Vela, Seniorlink’s care collaboration platform,” she said.”

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