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FOX 55 Fort Wayne features Caregiver Homes in Indiana during COVID-19 pandemic

FOX 55 Fort Wayne featured Caregiver Homes, Seniorlink’s intensive home-based care management program, and the work they do to support family caregivers virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the news story, How in-home care services are impacted by COVID-19 pandemic, Fox 55 reporter Caleb Saylor interviewed Kristina, a family caregiver to her brother Tim, in the Caregiver Homes program from Seniorlink, as well as clinical team lead Regina Smelser. Although communication between care teams and caregivers has changed due to COVID, both Smelser and Kristina emphasized the important role Vela, Seniorlink’s care collaboration app, has played in keeping them connected during COVID.

Watch the full story here.


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