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Home care agencies may benefit by offering information and resources to families caring for loved ones at home, too

Lois Simon, Seniorlink’s EVP of Policy & Programs, was quoted in after her recent op-ed piece in the Boston Business Journal. 


“There’s a lot of misinformation being relayed in the general public realm about caregiving and home care support services, and while many of these family members won’t actually look into home care until they are completely burned out or in over their heads, home care agencies could do well to provide resources and information for these very individuals who are struggling to care for someone they love.

According to Lois Simon, Executive Vice President of Policy & Programs at SeniorLink, Inc., in her op-ed piece Viewpoint: Mass. is at forefront of family care giving, published by Boston Business Journal:

“From policymakers to employers, Massachusetts has almost 20 years of experience supporting and championing family caregivers in health care. By fostering the creation and growth of innovative programs such as the first-of-its-kind Adult Foster Care program, Massachusetts citizens — those in need of care and their family caregivers alike — have benefited from supports that focus on caregivers. They include the help of professional care coaches in the home, improved respite care options, and advancements in mobile technology that make support in real time, anytime, possible. Some Massachusetts employers, including those of my own past (Commonwealth Care Alliance) and present (Seniorlink), have provided for flexibility in the work environment that make it possible for their employees to care for loved ones in need and remain productive members of their staff.”

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