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It takes a village

Seniorlink’s Tom Riley, President and CEO, and Kelli Tungate, Executive Director of Operations, were featured in Inside Healthcare Magazine this week. “It Takes a Village” highlights the importance of engaging family caregivers in care management – an approach reflected in Seniorlink’s solution offerings.  

Via Inside Healthcare Magazine

“By 2050, the number of Americans aged 65 and older is expected to nearly double, while the supply of professional caregivers is projected to decrease by nearly 50 percent. The U.S. healthcare system will not have the resources to care for the aging population without the support of family caregivers, and Seniorlink continues to expand its solution offerings so all family caregivers can care for their loved ones at home with confidence and connected to care teams by technology. 

“We offer a structured model of support for family caregivers,” says Kelli Tungate, executive director of Caregiver Homes. “We don’t provide any hands-on care, but we do build a model of support through our professional care managers, typically comprised of a nurse and social worker. Together, the care team encircles the caregiver to ensure all their needs are met, including coordinating care and offering coaching through Vela, Seniorlink’s care collaboration app.

Tom Riley adds, “Seniorlink currently services thousands, but plans to serve millions,” Riley says. “By leveraging Vela, we are poised to reach that goal, to scale our solutions and help more caregivers. That’s why we go into this business.”

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