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Seniorlink Promotes Kelli Tungate to Vice President, Central Region, Based in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Seniorlink, Inc., a leading tech-enabled health services company, promoted Kelli Tungate, MSW, to the role of Vice President, Central Region-North America. The position gives Tungate the opportunity to return to her native Indiana, and to expand her responsibilities with Seniorlink’s growing operations in Indiana, as well as in Georgia, Ohio, Louisiana, and South Dakota.

“I’ve spent my entire career supporting older adults and individuals with disabilities, and the amazing families that care for them every day,” said Tungate. “I am honored to be able to continue this work and the opportunity to offer more families the support, advice and coaching needed to care for their loved ones at home.”

The central region includes nearly 2,500 families across five states. Currently, Seniorlink’s intensive home-based care management program, Caregiver Homes, is available to families in Indiana, Louisiana and Ohio, and a more remote-based model is available in Georgia and South Dakota.

Tungate joined Seniorlink in 2014 as State Director of Indiana. During her three-year tenure, she expanded the number of families supported by Caregiver Homes, Seniorlink’s intensive, in-home care program that supports family caregivers with a dedicated team of trained clinicians and a daily stipend — all to ensure that their loved ones can receive care in the comfort of their home. Tungate was also pivotal in leading a successful pilot and statewide implementation of Vela, Seniorlink’s HIPAA-secure care collaboration technology that has been integrated into the Caregiver Homes program.

In 2017, she moved to Massachusetts to lead the operational restructuring and implementation in Seniorlink’s largest state market. In her capacity as Executive Director, Caregiver Homes of Massachusetts, Tungate also served as the senior operations manager and a valued member of Seniorlink’s Executive Leadership team.

“Kelli is a natural born leader,” said Thomas Riley, President and CEO of Seniorlink. “She has consistently risen to the challenge of leading the launch of Indiana, the restructuring of Massachusetts and now, assume responsibility for operations for the central region of North America.  Her drive, determination and most importantly, her passion for helping families care for their loved ones is remarkable.”

Tungate has spent nearly 20 years managing all aspects of in-home elder care programs and services. Prior to joining Seniorlink in Indiana, Tungate worked with CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions, the largest Area Agency on Aging in Indiana. She held several positions at CICOA, starting as a Care Manager and working her way up to Chief Operating Officer. 

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