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Lois Simon illuminates the unrecognized heroes of healthcare

Seniorlink Executive Vice President of Policy and Programs, Lois Simon, was featured in American Healthcare Leader in an article titled, “Lois Simon Illuminates the Unrecognized Heroes of Healthcare.” The article highlighted Lois’ compassion toward family caregivers through her own experience as one, leading to a career supporting caregivers.

Via American Healthcare Leader

“Family caregivers rarely identify themselves as such; rather, they think of their efforts as merely fulfilling their role as spouse, son, or daughter although the demands are equivalent to that of a part- or full-time job.

Given the critical role the family caregiver plays within our healthcare system, Simon contends it behooves the industry to recognize this committed workforce and actively engage them in the care management process.

Now paired with over six thousand families across eight states, Simon and the entire Seniorlink team are working to generate more awareness and support for family and caregivers, while leveraging its Vela technology to serve millions, not just thousands.

With more than 44 million family caregivers across the nation, Seniorlink is dedicated to recognizing and supporting caregivers beyond those they currently serve. Last year, Seniorlink CEO Thomas Riley took out a full-page ad in the Washington Post, penning a letter to all caregivers. According to Simon, the intimately personal responses the company received were awe-inspiring.

“Caregiving resonates with the masses,” Simon says. “It reflects who we are as human beings, but we haven’t until recently raised the awareness and called it out for what it is—and recognized it as a function, a role, and an identity that so many of us share in.””

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