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New Alzheimer’s law puts state at forefront of dementia legislation

Jay V. Patel, Seniorlink’s Clinical Transformation Officer, was published in the Worcester Business Journal today. Patel discusses Alzheimer’s as a growing issue that is difficult to manage in our healthcare system and how Massachusetts is at the forefront of healthcare innovation in recognizing family caregivers as a key to battling the disease. 

Via Worcester Business Journal: 

“For the past 20 years, Massachusetts has been on the forefront of healthcare innovation and of recognizing the role of family caregivers in our healthcare system. As an organization committed to supporting family caregivers battling this disease, Seniorlink and our subsidiary, Caregiver Homes, can attest to the significance of this legislative move. The Mass Alzheimer’s and Dementia Act and landmark law will join the ranks of other important developments that recognize family caregivers, including the national 2017 CARE Act, which requires hospitals to train family caregivers on medical tasks that must be performed at home prior to discharge.”

To read the full article, click here!


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