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Seniorlink CEO Tom Riley featured in Boston Globe commenting on the role of corporations in family caregiving

Seniorlink President and CEO Tom Riley was recently featured in the Boston Globe encouraging companies to provide employees with family-friendly benefits and flexible time-off. The story, “As labor crunch tightens, employers offer more flexibility to those serving as family caregivers,” highlights the important, but often overlooked, role family caregivers have outside of their traditional 9-5 jobs. 

Riley comments on the changing of times, explaining caregiver benefits often start at the top. “If you worked in the bowels of a business, you were petrified and you feared retribution if you talked about it. But that’s changing. Nothing brings it home more than the 50-year-old CEO who suddenly finds that he’s a caregiver and he can’t get to that morning meeting because of his caregiving duties.”

The story mentions several other CEO’s and companies that are innovating their traditional benefits to better serve family employees. 

To read the full article, click here.


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