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Seniorlink’s Massachusetts Director of Operations featured in Worcester Business Journal

Julie Carita, Massachusetts Director of Operations at Seniorlink, was featured in the Worcester Business Journal applauding healthcare workers who are battling COVID-19 across the state of Massachusetts – including family caregivers. 

“These first responders are family caregivers,” explains Carita, “Family caregivers are health care’s eyes and ears in the home, with a level of access into a patient’s health and circumstances eluding even the best medical professionals. Family caregivers serve as an often unrecognized and underestimated embedded member of a care team.”

Carita explains that COVID-19 has enlightened many to the importance of family caregivers in the home, but that more needs to be done to support them.

“Their role in the shadows of health care needs to change…As COVID-19 metrics wax and wane over the next several months, we know family caregivers will remain a constant and, inevitably, increase in number. COVID-19 has shown us we need family caregivers now more than ever.”

To read the full article, click here.


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