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An Article addressing the stress of caregiving in “The Boston Globe” highlights Seniorlink and the private caregiver community, Caregiver Nation

On July 2nd, The Boston Globe published a research-based article titled,  “Parents who are also caregivers struggle with suicidal ideation, new CDC study shows.” The article provides advice and resources for family caregivers, and includes a mention of Caregiver Nation, Seniorlink’s free online community of family caregivers.    

The author, Globe Correspondent Kara Baskin, shares her own experience of caring for her mother. She discusses the difficulty of communicating the stress of caregiving to those who have never experienced it themselves. 

Baskin goes on to explains the pressures that family caregivers suffer in silence when faced with a stigma against expressing any discontent in a caregiving role. The world of eldercare is confusing to anyone entering it for the first time, and the levels of stress involved, combined with others’ lack of understanding, places a burden on caregivers’ mental health.  

Among the “great, free resources in the Boston area” for family caregivers, Baskin says, is “Caregiver Nation, a Facebook group run by family caregiving agency Seniorlink. Caregiver Nation is an online community and a safe space for family caregivers to connect, share resources, and vent frustrations.


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