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Three digital health companies weigh in on value-based care and policy

Seniorlink CEO, Thomas Riley, was highlighted in MedCity News after presenting on the panel, “Meet the Transformers in Digital Health” at the 9th annual Digital Health Summit on Thursday. Riley, alongside panelists Dr. Zubin Eapen of CareMore and Dr. Reena L. Pande of AbleTo Inc. discussed the government’s role in healthcare, how companies can better prepare in navigating regulatory affairs and much more.  

Via MedCity News

“Thomas Riley, president and CEO of Seniorlink, an elder care and caregiver services company, said his organization’s work with the government has been fairly positive. Zubin Eapen, CMO of Anthem subsidiary CareMore, echoed those thoughts.

The panelists also discussed the pluses of the legislation equation.

When asked what the ACA and other policies brought about, Riley replied: “I think the value-based care horse is out of the barn.”

But although legislation has prompted the industry to make a clear movement away from fee-for-service, problems remain.

“A lot of the country is … stuck in a fee-for-service model,” Riley added.”

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