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Transforming family caregiving – conversation with Seniorlink on the Senior Care Corner Podcast

This month, Seniorlink’s Clinical Transformation Officer, Jay V. Patel, was a featured guest on the Senior Care Corner Podcast, a podcast that offers information and resources for family caregivers who are caring for older adults. In this episode, Jay discusses the challenges family caregivers face and what Seniorlink is doing to help caregivers through our model and use of technology. 

Jay was quoted on Seniorlink’s role in helping family caregivers:

“The cost of informal family caregiving currently exceeds over $500 billion, and that’s twice the cost of formal caregiving for chronic care. Secondly, 87% of family caregivers that are providing care are learning their work on the job or teaching themselves. The problem of caring for complex people in the home is that it’s significant and the front-line folks that are doing the work aren’t always prepared. Seniorlink tackles this issue head-on. For nearly 20 years Seniorlink has provided caregivers with coordinated access to trained clinicians like nurses and social workers who are dedicated to supporting, coaching and advocating for these family caregivers. We offer a solution that mixes personal support and human touch with technology. The technology (Vela) essentially pulls the caregiver into the care team. We’ve essentially created a virtual care room, we’ve made communication more timely and enhanced the coordination of care for the patient.”

Listen to the full podcast here!


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